22 Jan 2016
Conor McGregor criticises UFC marketing department

Conor McGregor slammed the UFC marketing department on Wednesday over their poster promoting UFC 197. 

The advertisement features lightweight champion, Rafael Dos Anjos, at the front with the belt over his shoulder while McGregor lurks over his shoulder without his featherweight championship. 

"This is a super fight. I look upon that poster, I see myself tucked in the back there. That's what I just noticed, where is my damn belt? Where are all these historic images? These are posters that will be looked back on long after it's all said and done and you've got to look back on that absolute garbage. So you know, I think I might have to go into that department because they must be getting comfortable in that poster department. They wanna get their act together and start doing their damn job. [Dos Anjos] fought on free TV. He's never brought a dime to the company, he's never made a dime yet there he is sitting on the front of my poster.”

UFC President Dana White was quick to explain the decision. He said that because the fight is at lightweight and the featherweight championship is not on the line then the 145lb belt is irrelevant - fair enough.

But the last time a champion jumped a weight class to try and claim a second belt was UFC 94 when lightweight champ BJ Penn fought George St Pierre for the welterweight strap. On that occasion both men were carrying gold on the event poster. 

Whether or not the poster will be amended in the lead up to the fight remains to be seen but the minor spat between McGregor and the UFC will certainly fuel the rumours that there is a rift between the featherweight champ and Dana White.