14 Jan 2016

Fighter’s are all too familiar with the gaggle of internet haters who call them out from the comfort of their armchairs. But Tim Kennedy’s most recent hater is a little more sinister than usual. 

The number six ranked middleweight in the UFC has reportedly been targeted by ISIS and is working alongside the FBI after receiving 'credible threats'. 

Kennedy's impressive military history must have made quite an impression on the terror group. He served in the 7th Special Forces Group and is a sergeant first class with the Texas National Guard - that means he’s a certified badass.  

He notified his fans of the bizarre report on Wednesday, saying: "Just spoke to the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS, they were not overly thrilled with my response ... ‘Let those cowards come.’"

His barefaced response will not surprise anyone who knows him. The 185b contender bleeds red white and blue and probably breaks out in to little white stars instead of measles or chicken pox.

He is even part of the History Channel series: ‘Hunting Hitler’ - a team of yankee doodles brave the badlands of South America on a manhunt for the nazi leader who apparently may not be dead after all. 

Supposedly these threats are a common occurrence though unsurprisingly no one has shown up at his front door yet. However, the FBI’s involvement would suggest this one could be genuine. 

But the 185lb contender is not easily intimidated, in a separate statement he said: “Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online?”

The answer is, you wouldn’t be nearly as tough as Tim Kennedy. 

ISIS would be well advised to stay at home.