08 Jan 2016
Bright future for RMMAF as potential TV deal surfaces
Oner Avara
5 years ago

Romanian MMA could receive a surge in popularity after their president revealed discussions are underway to have the final of the “Road to Vegas” competition televised.

President, George Stanciu, is committed to growing the sport and hopes that within a matter of months he will have finalised a deal which could change the face of MMA in his country. 

“Something like this would help the growth of MMA in Romania immensely,” he said.

“The sport is growing fast, especially among amateurs.”

The competition begun in November and continues until May when the winning fighters will be rewarded with a ticket to Las Vegas and a place on team Romania for July’s IMMAF World Championships. 

The potential TV deal represents the trajectory Romanian MMA has taken over the past 12 months - in 2015 they took just one athlete to the world championships, conversely Mr Stanciu aims to take seven or eight athletes this time round. 

His federation has a substantial base of several hundred members but he predicts a sharp increase on that figure in the first quarter of 2016 with numbers multiplying if the TV deal goes ahead. 

“I want membership to increase each month so that we can bring more and more athletes to the World and European championships,” Mr Stanciu said. 

If all goes to plan then 2016 could prove to be a critical year for Romanian MMA. 

Written by MyNextMatch writer Barnaby Kellaway