12 Dec-2022

Ninja Technical Officials Training Module

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Obstacle Australia NINJA
Course & Seminar

This module contains two courses; a General Technical Officials Training Course and a Ninja Technical Officials Training Course.


Successful completion of this module is required to become certified as a Ninja Technical Official with Obstacle Australia.


The module is presented as a 1 hr video recording with accompanying slides. A link to access these and accompanying documents are available after obtaining a ticket. After obtaining a ticket go to 'My Bookings' in your My Next Match profile and then click on the blue 'Online Event' button on the far right to access the necessary links. To access 'My Bookings' in your My Next Match profile click on your name in the top right and then select 'Go to Lobby'. In the Lobby select 'Event Finder'. 'My Bookings' should be then on the top menu. Scroll down to find the 'Online Event' button for the module. Note, there is no way of accessing the links from the My Next Match confirmation email.


An exam is available for you to demonstrate an understanding of the module content. After passing the exam you will receive an invitation to provide additional documents. The additional documents are an application form and evidence of successful completion of the free Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction Course (eCertfificate). Further explanations on these are contained in the module. After these documents are verified you will be certified as a Ninja Technical Official with Obstacle Australia. The level of certification will depend on previous officiating experience (e.g. Level 1 = limited/no previous officiating experience).


The General Technical Officials Training Course is adapted from the World Obstacle’s Course, for use in Australia. It covers the following content:

  • - World Obstacle’s Development Framework and Objectives
  • - How to Obtain Level 1 Certification as a Technical Official 
  • - World Obstacle’s Safe Sport and Athlete Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines
  • - Codes of Conduct for Technical Officials, Athletes, Support People, Spectators and Coaches
  • - Technical Official’s Roles and Scope of Work
  • - Common World Obstacle Disciplines and Race Categories
  • - Intent of Competition Rules and the Expectations of a Technical Official in Regards to the Rules
  • - Effective Communication, Behaviour, Presentation and Safety Procedures
  • - How to Manage Penalties
  • - Protests and Appeals Procedures


The Ninja Technical Officials Training Course has been developed for ANG competitions. The course covers the following content:

  • - Key Stake Holder Organisations Relevant to Obstacle Australia (OA) Ninja Competitions in Australia
  • - Ninja Technical Official’s Roles, Responsibilities, Expectations and Behaviour
  • - Ninja Competition’s Rules, Specific Regulations and Race Categories
  • - Process of Course Design and Course Confidentiality
  • - Australia Ninja Games (ANG) to the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) World Series Qualifying Process
  • - Protests and Appeals Procedures in ANG Competitions

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Online Event
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


12 Dec 2022 04:40 (AEST)
31 Dec 2024 09:00 (AEST)

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